TIBCO Connected Intelligence (TIBCO 連接智能)


為了保持競爭力,您需要取悅客戶,推動創新,并優化運營 — 所有這些都應該比競爭對手更快。數字化轉型不再是一種選擇,它是必需的。我們的解決方案為您提供所有您需要的智能和洞見,您可以基于這些智能實時采取行動。我們為您提供TIBCO??Connected Intelligence,以發現和把握機會來實現差異化和保持領先地位。為您的數字業務奠定基礎。減少問題。增加智能。起來行動。


Evolving to become a digital business requires a data-centric view of the business built on three foundational pillars.

Platform - cloud dna

Connect seamlessly any application, device, or data source.


Digital business excellence requires smarter, connected apps, faster development, and adoption of the cloud. Data holds 100% of your business opportunities, and the ability to access and activate that data in context for your people, process, and systems unlocks business value. Enable your IT and business stakeholders to connect all your apps, data sources, and processes—in the cloud, on-premises, or on-device.

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Unify intelligently for better access, trust, and control.

Data Management

Reimagined customer intimacy, operational excellence, and business reinvention efforts require intelligent management of every kind of data—metadata, reference data, master data, transactional, and streaming data. Managing this diversity with logical governance and consistency is the objective of Unify, TIBCO's line of data management products. Enable your team with the capabilities required for better data access, trust, and control.

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Predict confidently with real-time data-driven intelligence.


Successful data-centric enterprises have mastered the data-to-insights-to-action journey and built a continuous, real-time loop of learning and adaptation. By predicting and acting on discovered opportunities, they sustain their innovation and optimize their business processes, operations, and customer experiences. Enable your team with analytics and data science to find meaningful insights from data and confidently predict and deliver the next wave of success.

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With TIBCO, digital leaders successfully realize their digital journey and unlock the potential of their data in extraordinary ways:

Customer Intimacy

Customer Intimacy

Digital leaders that place customers at the center of their strategy and process design, align every aspect of their business model with the expectations, preferences, and potential of their customers. They build trust, deliver greater value, and develop long-term and sustainable loyalty.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Utilizing data-driven insights and decision-making allows digital leaders to optimize every point along their value chain. Return on capital investment improves from more informed choices, operating expenses are better controlled with streamlined decision-making and more efficient alternatives.

Business Reinvention

Business Reinvention

Some of the most transformative innovations of the past decade came from outside traditional boundaries. Using data-driven insights and strategies digital leaders are reshaping industry segments, embracing new business models, and innovating? rapidly. New opportunities for growth and success are easier to seize by connecting everything, unifying data, and predicting the future.


Whether focusing on customer intimacy, operational excellence or broad reinvention, these visionary leaders created incredible value from and with data:

TIBCO Connected Intelligence