Implement enterprise patterns for hybrid integrations

TIBCO BusinessWorks? Software

Maintain highly reliable, scalable, and secure services and integrations that are critical to your business. With TIBCO BusinessWorks? software, your integration specialists can implement integration strategies using traditional enterprise integration patterns to modern cloud-based API-led approaches built with microservices and containers. A zero-coding model-driven environment based on Eclipse simplifies development complexity, helping reduce your costs and speed your time to market.

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Design modern enterprise integrations

Visually develop enterprise integration patterns and interactions between microservices and APIs. Accelerate integrations of applications and data using out-of-the-box palettes and a wide range of connectors to enterprise endpoints and data sources. And use built-in cloud-native tooling for service discovery and configuration management, such as for Consul, Spring Cloud Config, or Kubernetes ConfigMaps.

Design modern enterprise integrations with TIBCO BusinessWorks?

Build with control and flexibility

Implement change management controls via seamless connectivity to your preferred version control system. Identify and eliminate unused resources with a visual analyzer. Utilize available scripts for Docker, Cloud Foundry, and OpenShift to simplify your build process. And automate the build of deployment archives or Docker images using a CLI or Apache Maven.

Build with control and flexibility with TIBCO BusinessWorks?

Rigorously test integration processes

Visually design unit tests that verify your integration processes, automate the execution of test cases using Apache Maven, and generate reports that show test execution and code coverage details. Automatically generate Swagger documentation for RESTful APIs, and test API services defined by the Swagger specification. Debug uncovered problems in your integration logic with a built-in visual debugger.

Rigorously test integration processes with TIBCO BusinessWorks?

Deploy portable integrations

Gain the flexibility to seamlessly port your integrations across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Build your integrations once and deploy them either on-premises, to the TIBCO Cloud, or to major container platforms like Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry, or to container services provided by Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Deploy portable integrations with TIBCO BusinessWorks?

Manage mission critical integrations

Deploy portable integration archives that can take advantage of the native horizontal scaling, load balancing, self-healing, and health check capabilities of PaaS and container platforms. Utilize out-of-the-box process monitoring and logging capabilities, or your preferred tools that can integrate via open APIs. And implement distributed tracing with built-in support for OpenTracing and Jaeger.

Manage mission critical integrations with TIBCO BusinessWorks?

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