Manufacturing Intelligence for the Digital Factory

Accelerate innovation with collaboration and real-time contextual awareness

With advances in cloud, machine learning, edge computing, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smarter, scalable factory solutions will alter value chains, redefine customer experiences, and create opportunities for new revenue streams.?In a Smart Factory, all relevant data is connected, aggregated, analyzed, and acted on proactively. Sensors, devices, equipment, people, and processes are part of a connected ecosystem. This manufacturing intelligence gives decision-makers a competitive edge by digitizing the business, optimizing costs, improving quality, accelerating innovation, and redefining the customer experience.

What is a Digital Factory?

Connected. Aware. Predictive.? The digital factory combines instrumented physical systems and the IIoT to create an intelligent ecosystem that allows organizations to become real-time situationally aware, predictive, and optimized. Become a digital factory and move from reactive to proactive management of products, processes, machines, and the supply chain.


TIBCO StreamBase?

Analyze and act on IoT and other streaming data with real-time systems deployed at a fraction of the cost and risk of other alternatives.

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TIBCO Spotfire?

TIBCO Spotfire? est la solution analytique la plus complète du marché qui permet de visualiser rapidement de nouvelles découvertes dans ses données. à l'aide de...

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TIBCO? Data Science

La data science est un sport d'équipe. Data scientists, citizen data scientists, ingénieurs données, utilisateurs métier et développeurs ont besoin d'outils flexibles et extensibles qui...

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TIBCO? Data Virtualization

Une solution de virtualisation des données qui orchestre l'accès aux multiples sources de données de l'entreprise. Elle constitue une vue à 360° de toutes les...

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TIBCO Flogo? Enterprise

TIBCO Flogo? Enterprise ―?la version complète du framework open-source Project Flogo? ?— permet aux développeurs de facilement créer des fonctions et des microservices ultra légers...

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Attain the agility to integrate & expose your data, apps, and devices to your entire ecosystem