Business Continuity Plan

TIBCO has long maintained business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure robust operations through times of crisis. TIBCO has established its emergency task force to quickly address changing circumstances, including monitoring compliance with applicable internal policies.

We recognize that our products and services are critical to our customers' success, and that this depends first and foremost on the health of our employees.

In line with recommendations from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and local authorities, we have taken steps to reduce our exposure to infection and to limit TIBCO personnel from potentially contracting or spreading COVID-19.

In support of our customers and communities, TIBCO's data scientists have created a set of visual analytic dashboards using TIBCO Spotfire that allow users to spot insights and draw inferences about the future pandemic state from real-time data updates.

Using Spotfire Geoanalytics, TIBCO has created localized maps with interactive visual analytics that highlight COVID-19 hotspots and trends. Along with data on hospitals and non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), we are working with partners to predict the availability of required hospital resources (ventilators, for example) across regions.

To see TIBCO's COVID-19 visual analytics, visit The tool assembles information from TIBCO's healthcare partners and global statistical data to create real-time visual analytics updates of worldwide and local views.

Customers and partners are encouraged to reach out for more information on how TIBCO is handling the COVID-19 outbreak by sending inquiries to We have also enhanced the TIBCO support site to include responses to common business continuity questions.

We will continue to update this page and the support site frequently as this situation evolves.

We want to thank you for your continued support, and I would like to personally reassure you that TIBCO remains fully committed to your success.

Dan Streetman
Chief Executive Officer